Installing cPanel in DigitalOcean droplet - Part 1


DigitalOcean account and enough credit to create a droplet

A fully qualified domain name (FQDN)

Note that i am going to install the trial version of cPanel which will expire in 15 days. To continue using cPanel, one must buy cPanel license.

Let's start by creating a droplet. Click "CREATE" button in the left  and give an appropriate hostname and select the region where you want the droplet to be. Select an OS which is supported by cPanel. In this case i am selecting CentOS 6.5 x64 and click "Create Droplet"


After the droplet has been created an email will be sent with the credentials and server ip address. Log into the server using ssh.

ssh username@ipaddress


 After logging in, update and install wget and perl

yum update
yum install perl
yum install wget


Now let's install cPanel by going to/home , fetching latest installation files and opening and executing the installation files
You also can find these steps from here.

cd /home
wget -N http: //
sh latest


While cPanel is installing, lets add our domain in the DigitalOcean which will point to this server. It can be done by going to DigitalOcean account and clicking DNS from the left side menu and clicking "Add Domain".


Add the domain and select the appropriate droplet from the dropdown and click "CREATE DOMAIN".


Note: After adding the domain in Digital Ocean you also need to point the domain nameservers to NS1.DIGITALOCEAN.COM, NS3.DIGITALOCEAN.COM, NS3.DIGITALOCEAN.COM from your registrar's control panel.

In my case i have changed's nameservers to NS1.DIGITALOCEAN.COM, NS3.DIGITALOCEAN.COM, NS3.DIGITALOCEAN.COM already.

After the cPanel has been installed:


We can access the WHM by going to https://yourserveripaddress:2087

Just press "Proceed anyway" in chrome and you'll be directed to the login form.