Installing Drush in DigitalOcean (CentOS 6.5 x64) droplet

In the previous blogs we covered how to create DigitalOcean droplet and install cPanel. Since i happen to work with drupal on daily basis, i installed Drush ( command line tool to manage Drupal) in the server just to make things a bit easier. 

You can visit this link to see how drush can be installed in different environments but for our purpose we could simply do the following:

First of all we need to see if PEAR is installed in the server and we can check it using the following command

pear version

If PEAR is not on the server we can install it by using the following command

yum install php-pear

Now after that we could use the following commands to install drush

pear channel-discover
pear install drush/drush

After that we can confirm that the drush was installed by typing drush in the command line.

Now we know that the drush is installed, we can download drupal using command line using 'drush dl drupal-version'. Currently when i am writing this the drupal verison is 7.28 so i am going to download that.

drush dl drupal-7.28

Once the drupal is downloaded, you can move it to public_html (if it is not already in public_html) folder and install it.